Xie Chunlin attends the "cloud delivery" ceremony of "ORE SHANTOU"

Date : 2020-06-24 Source : CMES SHIPPING

24 June 2020 - The "cloud delivery" ceremony of "ORE SHANTOU" was held. The Executive Vice President of CSIC, Sun Wei; Chairman of CMES SHIPPING, Xie Chunlin; Chief Executive Officer of ICBC Leasing, Zhao Guicai; President of WS, Chen Qing; Chairman of BSIC, Wang Guohai, President, Gu Kechao, and relevant representatives participated in Hong Kong, Beijing, Wuhan and Qingdao.

"ORE SHANTOU" is the third VLOC of the six 325,000 DWT vessels built by BSIC under the collaboration of CMES SHIPPING and ICBC Leasing. It is a new generation energy-saving and eco-friendly VLOC integrating economy, safety and environmental-friendliness. After the delivery of "ORE SHANTOU", it will set sail to Brazil, and proudly shoulder the mission of safe delivery of iron ore on behalf of the country.