On-the-spot Report of the Shift Changes of "New Solution"

Date : 2020-09-02 Source : CMES SHIPPING

The epidemic caused great difficulties for shift changes of the crew members. CMES Shipping overcame numerous obstacles to ensure a smooth shift turnover of the crew members. Now, let us review the course of the shift changes of the "New Solution" ship of AMCL under CMES.

Making decisive decisions to determine the crew swap plan

On 28 August, by taking advantage of the opportunity of the "New Solution" ship dropping anchor at a port near Panama, the "New Achievement" ship called at a port in Panama for loading and returning. 10 and 9 crew members in the two ships participated in the shift changes respectively, involving the swap of captain, chief engineer and chief officer.

Successfully completed the shift change

At 2:51 am on 1 September, Hong Kong time, the local health and immigration department agreed to the crew's request for shift change. The "New Solution" ship immediately weighed anchor and converged with the "New Achievement". The shift change was successfully completed at the anchor site in Panama on 2 September, Hong Kong time.

"Are you not battle-dressed? Let's share kilt and the rest!" The shift change reflects the crew's sincere cooperation and friendship, which ensures the normal operation of the ship. CMES Shipping will continue to adhere to the people-oriented concept and the commitment of "sailing with all your trust", and contribute to the construction of a world-class shipping enterprise with core competitiveness.